Hi. Im Corinna.

I know we just met, but lets get personal...

I’ve fallen in love three times in my life.

Like most, the first one happened in high school. But, unlike most, it wasn’t with the quarterback— it was with a camera. From the moment I watched my first photo develop in the darkroom, I was hopelessly hooked on photography.

That love led me to amazing opportunities across the world— the Brooks Institute of Photography, high-end portrait studios, digital teching and more. I’ve worked hand-in-hand with world-renowned photographers on sets with some of the biggest names in the business— from Jennifer Lopez and Hugh Jackman to Beyonce´ and Halle Berry.

While my passion for photography never wavered, it did have to make room when I fell deeply in love with my husband and stepdaughter in 2010. Because my husband and I are both photographers, we have navigated the high-stress environment of multi-million dollar photo shoots together. We traveled the world, working everywhere from Australia to Prague, and spent any spare moments with our wonderful family — I thought I had it all.

...But then came love number three, a love that changed me completely, inside and out — our daughter Sarine. From the moment she was born, I knew I would abandon those 14-hour, fast-paced days for something different.

I couldn’t abandon photography altogether, though. (They say you never forget your first love, right?) As my daughter grew, I picked up my camera again, ready to see where this creative outlet could take me next. But, it brought be back to Sarine.

I dropped the hustle to focus on the heart, and here I am now. Owner of Corinna Schutz Photography in Santa Clarita, CA, photographing newborn, maternity and family sessions.

So what does this mean for you?

I want to use my talents to capture what matters most to you and your family. To be the photographer that helps create and preserve those precious, fleeting moments in time forever. While I look back at my former photography career with pride, I now know that the images that matter most aren’t on billboards in downtown L.A. or in the pages of a glossy magazine— they’re the ones of your family that you hang above the fireplace. They’re photos that capture the sweet spots of life that flash past you at lightning speed— the ones you swear you’ll always remember but couldn’t possibly etch in your mind completely.

We’ve already gotten personal, so now I want to be honest with you. There’s a lot of newborn photographers out there.

...and that’s wonderful! But, from one mom to another, I want to be forthcoming— newborn photography is an unregulated industry, and you need to be careful. This means there are no safety regulations, required certifications or anything else in place to make sure your delicate little ones are protected. You have to rely on a photographer’s past experience. While many people in this business are mom-turned-photographer, I’m photographer-turned-mom. With Corinna Schutz Photography, you get both— the nurturing mother and seasoned photographer. As a member of the International Newborn Photographers Association, I’ve taken every possible measure to ensure your baby and children are safe in my hands, including CPR and newborn safety certifications through the American Association of Newborn Photography Safety.

So that’s my story. Now I can’t wait to hear yours. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with me today.